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For bike servicing, bike maintenance, and bike repair that you can trust, look no further than County Cycles. Whether you are a daily commuter or mountain bike enthusiast, we’ll service your bike with one of our top-quality cycle plans in our bike workshop in South Wales. Situated within our cycle shop, our team of Cytec qualified mechanics will service your bike back to top-notch functionality.
Silver £60
Wipe down frame & inspect cycle
Gear Adjustments
Brake Adjustments
Lubricate the chain
Headset Safety Check
Tyre Safety Check
Wheel Safety Check
Nuts & Bolts & Moving Parts Safety check
Replace valve caps, and cable ends where necessary
*parts not included
Gold £85
Recommended every 3-9 months, dependent on use. This includes our silver service, plus:
Chain and Cassette Inspection of for wear & clean if required
True wheels
Wheel & Hub Inspection adjusted if needed
Headset Inspect and Tighten
Cable Inspection and Replace if necessary
Brake Pad Inspection
Alignment of Drop Out inspection
Disk Brake Rotor Inspection
*parts not included
Platinum £150
Recommended every 12 to 18 months for those who use their bike heavily.
It includes our silver and gold services, plus:
Disassemble Bike – Strip to frame, clean and Inspect
De-Grease all parts and service as required
Cable and Brake Pad Replacement
Wheel Clean
Bar Tape Change
*parts not included

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