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Why bike fit?

A personal bike fitting will address your specific needs, giving your bespoke solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable and more enjoyable riding.
Our fitting process involves dynamic feedback between you and our professional bike fitter. Bike fit isn’t just a single session but an ongoing process by the end of which you will be not just comfortable on your bike but also efficient.

Bespoke bike fitting

Commuters, mountain bikers, road racers and triathlon trainers… everyone has their own motivation for getting a bike. Our Trek Precision Fit technicians will help you to enjoy a faster, more comfortable and smoother ride as the result of providing a bike fitting service that is tailored to your unique needs.

Professional physical assessment

As part of your bicycle fitting service, we will assess your flexibility, core strength, stance and proportions to make an informed bike assessment decision. We’ll consider your general fitness, riding style and biking goals to ensure you are matched with a bike that suits and fits you.

Perfect bike sizing

Bike sizing is vital to the health of your body when riding. Whether you’re coming in to get a new bike or seeking changes to your current bike, we will be ensuring that you leave with a bike that is built to match you. We’ll do this by ensuring the bike frame is suitable for your size and won’t sell you a bike if it’s not right for you.

Unlock your ideal posture and power

During a lower body evaluation, we will conduct a thorough assessment to determine your ideal cleat position, leg extension, saddle selection and position, making incremental changes to create ideal biomechanical alignment that optimises posture and power 
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South Wales’ bike fitting experts

We’ve been providing a bike fitting service for many years, and the bicycle fitting team at County Cycles in South Wales are knowledgeable staff who know what they’re doing. We’re bike fit specialists, oozing with friendly qualities and time for a coffee in our café when we’re done.

Request a bike fitting appointment when you pop into our bike shop today

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