What tech is on your Trek?

Trek Bikes innovation

Over the years, Trek has pioneered or perfected many of the best technological solutions used in the top-level cycling sport.

Thanks to them, many of these advanced technologies have been passed down to mid-range and entry-level classes, improving the cycling experience for beginner and intermediate cyclists as well.

Here are some of the most ground-breaking technologies developed by Trek so far:

OCLV Carbon

Optimum Compaction Low Void carbon frames developed in 1991 — some of the lightest and stiffest in the world.

Alpha Aluminum

Trek’s refined aluminum frames that rival carbon frames in terms of strength and overall weight.

Active Braking Pivot

A revolutionary patented system developed to keep the rear suspension working while braking.


Advanced suspension system that provides dynamic flow that automatically adapts its performance to the rider and the type of the terrain.

Full Floater

Trek’s rear suspension system that allows for extremely supple and responsive rear suspension action, giving you the impression of bottomless travel.

IsoSpeed Suspension

Road bike suspension that decouples the seat tube from the top tube, diminishing the fatiguing impacts of the road.